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Ok, I have been 'into' the Giantess 'fetish' for as long as I can accurately remember, but occasionally I can't help but look at the 'Mega' aspect of this rather diverse and fun little fetish of mine, and /issues/ it raises. Oh don't get me wrong, I for one would love to wake up to tv reports of panic stricken streets informing of a 50+ tall women roaming around leaving death and devastation in her wake.

However, and forgive me for being rather pedantic, but what I find difficult about this size is what would she actually do, and where would she (/they) go Hah?

I mean, really what the hell would these beautiful giant Junoesque females do?

I should of course elaborate; take the above images, brilliant! and for someone who likes the idea of a Giant Mega Fox or Zoey attacking a city, or indeed just marveling at her at that size utterly arousing. Just looking at her/them is enough to make ones head explode. But the question that often gets me to a point of frustration is, "What would she do?" - "Where would she find more designer clothes, hair dressers or 'adequate' fine dinning meals?"

I feel most, if not all of the women we desire to see smashing the shit out of citys, do love to be pampered (what girl doesn't right?), shop, shoot movies and like nice things. Ergo, I feel there would (must?) surely become a point where she gets unimaginably 'bored'.

That is if she were to stay at that size. I feel there are also issues which I will raise in a moment IF she returned to her /normal/ size after the fact.

I think that is why I much prefer and like the shrunken aspect of GTS so much more, which is to say Shrunken people either on purpose or byway of an accident.
For me this works as she can continue her /usual life/, be it actress or the like, for example yet still indulge in some GTS escapades.
Picture the scene: A women sat in a Starbucks with her friends, lets say friends whom are completely oblivious that there are tiny men and women digesting in-amongst blueberry muffins and coffee mochas in her stomach, while others are in her shoes and panties.
*Waits for mental image to pass* Yes-yes, it's a lot more /sexy/ I think! XD

In stark contrast to: A Women Causing devastating damage to a city/country and then returning to her normal size. She can hardly keep that same sense of privacy, as I'm quite sure one would remember the face of a 50+ Giantess who ate and crushed the populous of a large city.

She would have to leave her homeland with quite some serious haste and live in seclusion hah, else fear the wrath of those same small people she once had total power over. Talk about role-reversal - almost seems to contradict the power that comes with being a Giantess.

So, while being a Mega would be fun I'm sure to some girls, but I for one dare say it would soon loose it's appeal after constantly having to swat away planes, crushing armies and having no house, cosmetics or even a bed and then for food relying on masses to tiny snacks as a way of life.
- In fact, it's no wonder they want to destroy our cities and crush/eat the occupants! A Woman without cosmetics, and other womanly likes is an unhappy one, especially one without a bed *cough grumpy cough*.

And as noted above, if she returned to normal after a few days, she would be on the Interpol most wanted list for sure hah :smoking:

Sometimes, I can't help but think we are a tad selfish lol XD

:: End Transmission ::
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